In 2002, Glencore acquired mines in Zambia through its subsidiary Mopani. The first to arrive in Zambia are Peruvian engineers, who find an opportunity to improve efficiency and safety in specialized work.

This is how in 2003 we received the invitation to participate in the tenders for the services that REDRILSA offers, thus initiating our first adventure in another continent, being our first step to expansion. Our proposal was the best because of the high level offered, managing to enter several Mining Units of Nkana and Mufulira of Mopani, focusing operations in the city of Kitwe.

Our Deputy General Manager, Benjamin Cam, along with other Peruvians who led the activities in the project together with the group of Zambian workers, started operations from scratch, managing to establish in the first 3 years, an operational stability through the company REDRILSA ZAMBIA LIMITED.

REDRILSA came to position itself as the largest diamond drilling service operator in the region, managing to open new clients such as KCM (Konkola Copper Mine), in the mining units of Nchanga and Konkola as well as other clients in the area.

During our stay in Zambia we managed to execute half a million meters drilled, thanks to the professionalism of our collaborators and the technology with which we work.