When it comes to crossword puzzles, many enthusiasts enjoy the challenge of solving clues that test their knowledge of literature and language. One such clue that has stumped many crossword solvers is “words of agreement crossword clue shakespeare”. So, what exactly are these words of agreement and how do they relate to Shakespeare?

The answer lies within a particular phrase that Shakespeare often used in his plays: “Ay, there`s the rub”. This phrase is from the famous soliloquy in Hamlet where the protagonist contemplates the nature of life and death. In this context, “rub” means “obstacle” or “problem”. When Hamlet says “Ay, there`s the rub”, he`s acknowledging that life`s obstacles are what make it difficult and worth contemplating.

However, in other contexts, “Ay, there`s the rub” can also be used to express agreement or acceptance of a difficult situation. For example, if someone says “I know it`s hard, but we have to do it”, the other person might respond with “Ay, there`s the rub”. In this case, the phrase is synonymous with “I agree, that`s the difficult part”.

So, if you come across the clue “words of agreement crossword clue shakespeare”, the answer is likely “Ay, there`s the rub”. While this phrase may not be commonly used in everyday conversation, it`s a testament to Shakespeare`s enduring influence on the English language.

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In conclusion, the phrase “Ay, there`s the rub” is a common expression of agreement or acceptance in difficult situations. It`s also a phrase commonly used in Shakespeare`s plays, particularly in the soliloquy in Hamlet. If you ever come across the clue “words of agreement crossword clue shakespeare”, you`ll now know the answer.