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In 2002, Glencore acquired mines in Zambia through its subsidiary Mopani. The first to arrive in Zambia are Peruvian engineers, who find an opportunity to improve efficiency and safety in specialized work.

This is how in 2003 we received the invitation to participate in the tenders for the services that REDRILSA offers, thus initiating our first adventure in another continent, being our first step to expansion. Our proposal was the best because of the high level offered, managing to enter several Mining Units of Nkana and Mufulira of Mopani, focusing operations in the city of Kitwe.

Our Deputy General Manager, Benjamin Cam, along with other Peruvians who led the activities in the project together with the group of Zambian workers, started operations from scratch, managing to establish in the first 3 years, an operational stability through the company REDRILSA ZAMBIA LIMITED.

REDRILSA came to position itself as the largest diamond drilling service operator in the region, managing to open new clients such as KCM (Konkola Copper Mine), in the mining units of Nchanga and Konkola as well as other clients in the area.

During our stay in Zambia we managed to execute half a million meters drilled, thanks to the professionalism of our collaborators and the technology with which we work.

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Our second adventure on the African continent was in the Democratic Republic of Congo. REDRILSA increased its operations for both Mopani Copper Mines (Glencore) and KCM, subsequently achieving our entry into the Kamoto mine, between 2013 and 2015. For these projects we had the presence of the best professionals brought from Peru, such as Mr. Crisanto Sánchez and Mr. Betuel Hidalgo, who were our best ambassadors on behalf of Redrilsa.

To meet the objectives of the project in Congo, interior mine work was carried out, with the Atlas Copco Diamec U6 and Boart Longyear LM 55 drill rigs. Always with the best technology to fulfill each project successfully.

In the same way as in Zambia, a small number of Peruvian professionals were taken, they worked hand in hand with Congolese personnel. In this way, REDRILSA, based on its extensive experience in the mining sector, becomes a constant source of training for the personnel of the work area, providing them with opportunities for professional and personal growth, which in turn contribute to the development and continuous progress of the Congo.

In the Congo we managed to drill 17,000 meters, thus fulfilling the established goal, providing a high quality service.

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In 2005 Redrilsa received an invitation from the company Plata Panamericana, a subsidiary of Panamerican Silver of Canada, who are our clients since 2003 in Peru.

Managing to land in the Mexican market, our first contract was with the La Colorada Mine, in the state of Zacatecas, where interior mine and surface works were carried out. Subsequently, we developed a drilling program in El Álamo Dorado, in the state of Sonora, also for the Client Plata Panamericana.

We also worked for the Canadian company Mac Millan Gold, between 2007 and 2009, in the surroundings of the Mazatlan area, in surface drilling projects.

Between 2011 and 2014 we worked for Compañía de Minas Buenaventura, in its surface exploratory projects of Pachuca and the “Y”.

Our work in Mexico is done with the LY 44 and LY 38 machines acquired in that country and finally we work with our LF70 machine taken from Peru. In the same way we have Peruvian professionals who brought all their extensive experience to develop the aforementioned projects.

During our stay in the North American country we were able to achieve the 56,000 meters drilled, fulfilling the objectives set and leaving the name of our country high.

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REDRILSA starts the year 2022 taking on new challenges with enthusiasm. This time we entered the Central American market, expanding our services to Panama, Province of Los Santos in the Cerro Quema mining company of the Orla group – Canada.

In Panama we are performing the services of Diamond Drilling for exploration, with our best talents who carry all the professionalism and experience that characterize us, thus being able to lead the Panamanian staff to carry out a joint work with great results. We are also working with the best technology to achieve the established objectives. The Boart LF70 and Hydracore 2000 rigs are assigned for this project, backed by our extensive drilling experience.

Our activities in Panama are initially surface drilling, which represents the first steps to make this project a development center for the Central American country.

We want to contribute to the development of Panama through our contribution based on a work of excellence and professionalism, qualities that are backed by our extensive experience.

The project has a fairly wide extension and we are already working successfully with our professionals and drilling equipment.

We have the technology, the human team and the experience to meet the objectives of the project in Panama, always with the slogan of exceeding expectations and protecting the environment that surrounds us.

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