Our second adventure on the African continent was in the Democratic Republic of Congo. REDRILSA increased its operations for both Mopani Copper Mines (Glencore) and KCM, subsequently achieving our entry into the Kamoto mine, between 2013 and 2015. For these projects we had the presence of the best professionals brought from Peru, such as Mr. Crisanto Sánchez and Mr. Betuel Hidalgo, who were our best ambassadors on behalf of Redrilsa.

To meet the objectives of the project in Congo, interior mine work was carried out, with the Atlas Copco Diamec U6 and Boart Longyear LM 55 drill rigs. Always with the best technology to fulfill each project successfully.

In the same way as in Zambia, a small number of Peruvian professionals were taken, they worked hand in hand with Congolese personnel. In this way, REDRILSA, based on its extensive experience in the mining sector, becomes a constant source of training for the personnel of the work area, providing them with opportunities for professional and personal growth, which in turn contribute to the development and continuous progress of the Congo.

In the Congo we managed to drill 17,000 meters, thus fulfilling the established goal, providing a high quality service.